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Lifestyle > Things to Get Rid of Before Your Next Big Move

Things to Get Rid of Before Your Next Big Move

Sanmita on 30 Juli 2019 | 132 views | 1 replies
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Shifting in a new community is exciting, as you are going to start a new phase of life with lots of new opportunities to have a happy life with your beloved ones.

But at the same time, you will have to deal with stress and packing and moving your entire belongings safely, and it becomes more challenging if you have lots of clutter in your home, because packing and moving your complete household items does not make any sense, as you will have to pay extra efforts and also expense to relocate them which can make your move annoying.

Therefore; you must take steps to make your relocation less stressful by planning your move at the perfect time so that you can invest your time to sort and get rid of all the unwanted items which you are not planning to use in your new home.

Getting rid of unnecessary junk not only decrease your stress but you can save your extra effort and money, because the fewer things you will have to pack and move, the less you’ll have to pay your Packers and Movers, since Moving company will provide you quotes mainly according to the quantity and quality of your belongings you are planning to be packed and moved in your new residence. You can house shifting charges in Pune page for your reference.

We agree that you will be quite confused about how to decide which items you must get rid before your big Moving day, but don’t worry we are here to assist you stepwise how you can quickly be free from all the unwanted junks to have a stress-free relocation.

How to Decide which items to Get Rid of before Moving

While some clutter is easy to classify while you start decluttering your home, but you can find more unnecessary goods by taking the time to consider what is right for your new interior to make your new home free from clutter.

* Where will it go in your new home?

* Will it fit perfectly in your new abode?

* You will use it in the past year, or not?

* Is the item scratched or need any repairing?

* Will, it cost more to move than its original price?

Items you must get rid of:

It’s always good to start decluttering your home room-by-room to make sure you are free from all the unwanted items correctly; you can prepare a checklist which will help you to declutter all your mess efficiently.


* Old clothes you are bored of using or they do not fit you anymore;

* Towles as they are bulky to pack and move;

* Shoes you have used once and then hide in a hamper;

* Old linens.


  • Outdated electronics;
  • Unused kitchen appliances;
  • Extra containers or knickknacks;
  • Large appliances;
  • Damaged appliances.


  • Old and cracked furniture’s;
  • Old Mattress;
  • Old couch and bed.


* Expired food items

* Mismatched cups

* Plastic containers

* Old utensils.

Miscellaneous Clutters:

  • Unread books
  • Old brooms, mops, and scrubbers;
  • CDs and DVDs;
  • Expired Medicines;
  • Expired Makeup items;
  • Stuffed animals
  • Unread books
  • Outdated Artwork
  • Partially used notebooks, etc.

Advantages of Decluttering your unwanted belongings before your Relocation day:

•    Lower transport costs;

•    Less time spent while packing;

•    More vacant space in your new house;

•    Less charge of Packers and Movers;

•    Less packing materials will be required, and you can save your extra expense.


Shifting in your new abode is a fresh start, so make it more exciting by, making it an opportunity to get rid of all your old and unwanted possessions, to have a new and fresh feeling after moving in your new home with new items.

We agree that decluttering your entire household belongings is one of the hectic and time-taking tasks, but you must do it to decrease your packed containers, which will reduce your whole relocation hassle.

After decluttering, you can hire Packers and Movers like best movers and packers in Mumbai, for your Relocation. They can help you with Packing, Loading, Transporting, Unloading, and Unpacking.

30 Juli 2019, 12:44
posts : 19
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Thank you for that information you article

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05 Agustus 2019, 14:48

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