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Food > Low blood sugar levels

Low blood sugar levels

StephenLennon on 10 September 2017 | 134 views | 0 replies
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have you ever experienced being drunk? Then you can already imagine what extremely low blood sugar levels can do to you. When your glucose is extremely low, blood sugar remedies, you will feel woozy. Because it can cause light headedness, you will feel detached from your immediate surroundings, and will look as if you are dazed.

5. Seizures - when blood sugar levels become dangerously low it can cause you to have seizures and black-outs. You can become unconscious. Also, if left untreated and in its most extreme form, low blood sugar levels may even be fatal, so a recurring bout of losing consciousness should be treated immediately.

Knowing the symptoms of low blood sugar levels may be helpful at some point in your life, or you may have experienced one or more of these in the past and not known what they were. Think of it as an early sign that you need to look after your health more. Change to a diet with a predominantly low to medium glycaemic index, to have a balanced blood sugar levels after eating. Do more regular exercise. If you want to keep your energy levels and mood on an even keel, take control of your health and do something about it now, and say goodbye to any of the symptoms you may have had. Read more

10 September 2017, 08:04


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