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About Us

Jakarta Saber is a Lucasfilm-recognized fan-based lightsaber community that is inspired by George Lucas' "Star Wars" and based in Jakarta. We focus on technique development and stage performances using lightsabers.

Jakarta Saber was founded by Anindyo Kreshandana on 3rd of May 2012 at Taman Menteng, Central Jakarta and since then became our main training ground. At the time Anindyo Kreshandana became the leader of Jakarta Saber and Milando Amirullah as vice-leader.

The numbers of Jakarta Saber's initial members were very few, but with consistency, strong commitment and passion to practice and develop the community, Jakarta Saber achieved a striking growth in less than a year. Not only counted by quantity of its official member, but also quality in performance. In October 2013, Dwiki Mahendra Putra was appointed as the leader of Jakarta Saber and Ario Alfiando as the vice-leader.

Jakarta Saber has been known to have continuous innovation in lightsaber performances while keeping its style and taste in check. We always have fun but when it comes to performance, we do not take it lightly. We continue to spread the image that "you can always join a Star Wars community or swing lightsabers without looking nerdy".

Until now, Jakarta Saber has affiliated with other lightsaber and Star Wars community including Order 66, and Urban Jedi"

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